Use natively installed Ubuntu in VMware Fusion (Mac)

This post is an extension to my article about setting up a triple-boot Mac.

It describes how to use a linux partition from a natively installed linux in VMware Fusion on a Mac. I did this with Ubuntu 11.10 after I had set up my triple-boot system and therefore I'm able to boot the same Ubuntu both natively and in a virtual machine using VMware Fusion in Mac OS X.


Setup a triple-boot Mac with Mac OS X, Windows and Ubuntu

This article describes a way to setup a triple-boot Mac with Mac OS X 10.7.3, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.10. As an addition to that I will write another post on how to reuse the Ubuntu partition in VMware Fusion in Mac OS X.

rEFIt Bootloader
(taken from refit.sourceforge.net/screen.html)

I did this on my MacBook Pro from late 2011, but it was hard for me to gather all the necessary information on the web in order to reach my goal of a triple boot Mac (Mac OS X, Windows 7, Ubuntu) with the possibility to reuse (at least) the Ubuntu partition in a virtual machine using VMware Fusion under Mac OS X.
I've read a lot of forum and blog posts, but unfortunately most of them are outdated or not complete. After I had setup everything successfully (that took some days!), I decided to write it down in this blog to make it easier for other people who want to do the same thing.


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